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DIY Outside Wood Furnace from our pre-engineered weld-together kits. The body of the stove kit comes already tack-welded together for shipping (optionally available fully welded). You simply weld the stove, insulate, cover, and hook it up to your house, garage, pool, commercial building, or more.

You've been waiting for a Do-It-Yourself Kit, now you have it!

Yes, we know not everybody wants to weld, but we can also do it for you.  Let us know and we'll help you make a connection with the help you need. 


The Dutchman Outdoor Wood Boiler is the result of years of proven engineering from production wood stoves.  Now available to you at a drastically reduced price as a weld-together kit or pre-welded. Using only a welder, some kind of lift equipment, and some basic garage tools you can build you own Wood Boiler. 



The primary fire chamber is manufactured using a high quality reclaimed propane tank.  Propane tanks use some of the heaviest and best grade steel in the business and the unique curved "bell shape" creates a heat transfer vortex providing the most ideal chamber for a wood fire.  The outer water jacket is made from 3/16" steel. This heavy gauge steel adds substantial weight to your stove but assures many years of trouble free service.


The Dutchman is available with or without the outdoor enclosure. Our carefully designed enclosure "cage" has everything you need to build the outdoor framework for your stove. Simply weld the engineered parts to your wood furnace, then cover with pole-barn type steel (or any outdoor siding) and you'll have a fully finished and enclosed stove for anyplace you need heat.




When your Dutchman Wood Furnace arrives it will be just like this picture.  The stove ships with the welds pre-tacked, "feet" on the back for forklift spacing, and the engineered outdoor cage carefully packaged inside the stove. 

You'll need a fork-truck or loader to unload and while you're welding your stove. If you plan to have a welding shop weld your stove you can have the whole unit shipped there.